Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Melaka Coral WonderLand

Posted by Hashim Abd Ghani On 3:50 PM
Horeseshoe Crab

Marine Life Exhibits

Coral Wonderland Melaka is New Tourism Attraction, which is the first state of the art aquarium located right in the heart of historical Melaka. This aquarium is a home to more than over thousands of unique marine life around the regions.

At  Coral Wonderland, students, family, people regardless of ages will have unforgettable up close and personal experience with brightly colourful corals and exotic ocean dwellers. Venture the longest touch pool in Asia where people regardless of ages can feel the skin of star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, horsehoes crab and even shark.

Coral Aquarium

Make a visit to Coral Wonderland as a part of recommendation to your tour groups. Take this opportunity to learn and explore the diverse marine creaturs and how they interact in their unique habitats .

The facilities of Coral Wonderland are upgraded from time to time, Frog Life Cycle Zone, Electric Fish Zone, Freshwater Shark & Sturgeon Fish had being included in the exhibition. New Insectariums section feature with live scorpions and live spiders, live beetles and all kind of other insect specimen. New Butterfly Specimen, Snake & Reptile Terrarium, Terrapin & land Tortoise and Mini garden were added to the exhibits.

Colourful Corals

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