Monday, December 5, 2011

Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia 2011

Posted by Hashim Abd Ghani On 9:57 PM

The  Rain Forest Challenge 2011 (RFC)  4 x 4 Highlanders  return to the state of Terengganu on 3-12 December. This is the place where the 2007 episode ended with evacuation by boats due to the severe monsoon storms at that time‚ but what an adventure it was for those who participated in that year‚ it was a triumph of the human spirit and camaraderie in the face of the awesome might of Mother Nature.

Starting from Kuala Terengganu‚ the state capital this time‚ the route will head southwards to Hulu Dungun and Hulu Kemaman. This is mostly highland regions  alongside the Main Range (central mountain range) crossing many rivers big and small but also some escape routes to avoid low lying areas prone to flooding. But of course‚ Mother Nature Rules Supreme even as we take precautionary measures with the authorities. Whatever comes our way, it will be another journey of extraordinary teamwork and camaraderie of the adventurers like you in the RFC.

There will be 3 major campsites leading to the Twilight (TZ) or another thriller. The  TZ will be a lot of winching but in a highlands area‚ so uphill and downhill will be a challenge under the rain. This year RFC shall also travel along more off–road sections for the drive along in plantations tracks (rubber & oil palm)‚ light to medium logging tracks and of course‚ the extreme tracks. At least 70% of the route on these types of tracks so that the participants  can have more thrills driving off–road. The Special Stages (SS) will be from campsite to campsite. Media  convoy will have access to easier tracks as much as possible so that they can reach the campsites.

In Terengganu state‚ RFC always got to be careful with the monsoon‚ learnt many hard valuable lessons there and shall take the necessary precautionary measures. But, in the RFC‚ come fully prepared for everything‚ in rain or shine or severe monsoon‚ its adventure time again living out your passion with your peers from around the world. 

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