Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Car of Malaysia

Posted by Hashim Abd Ghani On 5:29 PM
Official Launching in 1985 by the Prime Minister

The first car model released locally, the Proton Saga is the first step of Malaysia to become an influential automotive country someday. Since ‘saga’  seeds are readily available in the country, the word 'saga' has been chosen as the name of the first car Proton Holdings Berhad (Proton) because it managed to reflect the Malaysian identity.

The idea of ​​producing the model developed based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore was originally not managed to convince the people of Malaysia. However, the successful issue of the Proton Saga in 1985 has changed the perception of the public and so convincing that the vehicle has a class of its own.

The evidence, those who live in the village or town would be proud with Proton Saga in their garage. Even with the luxury brand and a wide choice of vehicles within and outside the country, the name of the Proton Saga is getting many requests to this day. More remarkable as the Proton Saga made ​​it into the group for the oldest car model ever produced by an automotive manufacturer in the world.

Adenanthera pavonina L.
(Carl Linnaeus (Carl von Linné)),
belongs to Leguminosae family and
the common name is Red Bead Tree or Saga


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