Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This book is a compilation of the distinguished research scholar Dr Shawqi Abu Khalil. The book is in Arabic language, translated and published by Dar – Al Fikr, Damascus.

It reviews the biography of the Prophet  Mohammad’s   صلى الله عليه وسلىم and tracks trahe book present all required maps, illustrations, drawings and pictures. Briefings and excerpts have been added to the pictures and drawings for better understanding, benefit and satisfaction of the readers.

Through the study of this atlas, the perception and understanding of the Seerah of the Prophet becomes very easy as if the past events are passing before our eye in form of imaginary picture.

Contents :

§  Introduction
§  The Arab Peninsula
§  The ancestor of the Prophet Ibrahim    عليةالسيلام
§  The Most Famous Markets of the Arab during the Jahiliyah
§  The Year of the Elephant – The Birth of the Prophet    صل اللة علية وسلىم
§  Muhammad ibn Abdullah صل اللة علية وسلىم – His Noble Lineage
§  The War of Al-Fijar
§  The Hums
§  Tufail ibn Amr Al-Azdi Ad-Dausi
§  Shortly before Hijrah
§  The Hijrah
§  The Journey of Salmaân Al-Fârisi
§  The Change of Qiblah
§  Events, Campaigns and Expedition
§  The Year of Delegations
§  The Farewell Pilgrimage
§  The Governors and Agents of the Messenger of Allah صل اللة علية وسلىم appointed in charge of Zakah
§  The Narrators of Hadith
§  The Sahih Books of Ahadith and their Authors

Compiled by Dr Shawqi Abu Khalil
Publisher : Maktaba Dar-us-Salam 2003
Price : SR50.00



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