Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miqats for Umrah & Hajj

Posted by Hashim Abd Ghani On 12:38 PM

Miqat is of two kinds:

•          Time (Zamani) : that is only during which the rite of hajj pilgrimage can be done, which means the specific times of ihram that the rite will not be considered correct without it. The months of pilgrimage are from 1st Syawal to 10th Zulhijjah.

•          Places (Makani) : specific places where a pilgrim or a person intending to visit Makkah for umrah or hajj must declare his intention to do so, and puts on ihram, the pilgrim garb.

There are five places of Miqat Makani, some distance from the Holy City of Makkah which pilgrims must not cross before they are in a state of Ihram if they intend to enter al Masjidil Haram for Umrah or Hajj. These points or stations are called Miqats. See Location of Miqats.

•          Zulhulaifah (Bir Ali Mosque) : This miqat is about 10 kilometers from Madinah and about 450 kilometers from Makkah. Zulhulaifah is the miqat for those who live in Madinah and for those who approach Makkah from that direction.

•          Al-Juhfah : This miqat is about 190 kilometers to the northwest of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people who come from the direction of Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Spain and other countries from that direction.

•          Qarnul Manazil : This miqat is a hilly place about 94 kilometers to the east of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people of Nejd, Kuwait and for those flying through the air space of that direction. This include those coming fro Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the surrounding areas.

•          Zatu ‘Irqin : This miqat is about 94 kilometers towards the northeast side of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people of Iran, Iraq and for those coming from that direction.

•          Yalamlam : This miqat is a hilly area about 50 kilometers to the southeast of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people of Yemen and others coming from that direction. It is the miqat for many of the pilgrims from China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Malaysia who come by ship.

Muslims who enter the Haram area on business or for other purposes need not do the ihram before entering the Holy City of Makkah unless they have the intention to perform Umrah or Hajj. Muslims coming to Makkah with the intention of performing Umrah or Hajj must not cross a Miqat without first entering into the state of Ihram, unless they live within the area between Miqat and the Haram. In this case they do Ihram either at home or just before entering the Haram area.

Location of the Routes [A`lam] Leading to Masjidil Haram :

•          Al-Tan`eim : It is 6 kilometers away from Mecca in the way to Madinah.

•          Wadi Nakhlah : It is 41 kilometers away from Mecca in the north-east
                                      toward Iraq.

•          Al-Jakra’anah  : It is 16 kilometers east of Makkah.

•          Adah :  It is 12 kilometers away from Mecca in the way to Yemen.

•          Al-Hudaibiyah : It is 15 kilometers away from Mecca to the west of Jeddah 
                                   route. Now, it is called Al-Shumaisi.


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